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Israeli Tactical Combat School

Effective. Realistic. Tested

Train for reality. Israeli based training system 

Beginners programs as well as experienced shooters trainings are available.

We offer great instructor/student ratio.

Tactical pistol training, basic and advanced, Tactical carbine training, Designated marksman, CQB on its different variations, Security driver, vehicle operations and more

Tailor made trainings for groups and organizations 

Experienced former official state unit instructors 


Training Program
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Israeli Tactical Combat School

Discover Our Expertise


Law Enforcement and military

Training and upgrading

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your unit to the next level. At Israeli Tactical Combat School, we combine our insights and skills to strengthen your units skills and effectiveness.
We bring different skills, depending on your unit's mission profile. If you are to work in a civilian environment, dressed in civilian clothes, that is what you will learn, not how to fight with Mujaheddin on the mountains. If you are quick reaction, we train on fast and aggressive, be real quick. We keep it real and we stay with your needs. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business.

Civilian training

Public tactical training

for beginners and advanced


These training sessions are open for the public. We will cover the basics which are 90% of what you will ever need to use in a gun fight. Most of the trainings do not require previous knowledge or special fitness level and are open for men and women.

However, we still fit each training to the level of the INDIVIDUAL trainee according to his knowledge and physical ability

For the up coming training public training check our schedule and register to our Newsletter

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Professional Tactical training

Civilian professionals

Industry oriented training for

security companies and protection units
training not for certificate but training for better performance. As former students in professional government units, we adhere to high performance training in the most professional manner.

These training are tailor made to meet your needs.

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