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Training Seminars

Open for the public


Tactical pistol Seminar

Level one- Two days Seminar

Best utilization of a pistol as a weapon. 

This seminar is designed to build strong pistol fundamentals needed during a Fire fight. The training is based on the same methodology and tactics for developing skills used by Israeli protection special units for fighting in a civilian environment in order to end the shoot out fast and prevent civilian casualties

Experienced shooter? we will push you and challenge you to higher level


Tactical Pistol Seminar -Advanced

Stage two- Two days Seminar

Turn range performance into effectiveness in reality situations We will work on responding on an active shooting in a civilian environment, with the presence of multiple civilians, we will practice effective tactical responses in time of a mass shooting or threat to family members, room entry with live fire, Manoeuvring inside a structure, correct use of cover, moving targets, friendlies/ terrorist’s recognition, taking hard shoots decision making under stress and more.
Training will be mostly done with live weapons and will also include force on force scenarios.


Tactical Carbine

Two days Seminar

Tactical Carbine Seminar

The training is built to develop your individual carbine skills to be applied in a gunfight and for effective carbine manipulation as a weapon. We will cover the basics and move into reality-based training, fast first accurate bullet release, shooting under stress, grasping fast weapon handling. Focusing at urban environment we will cover combat shooting at close range and medium range, in different postures, using cover and leaning points. The seminar will increase your weapon proficiency and your ability to respond effectively in a gun fight.

Beginners friendly- This seminar is a good way to get first-hand experience and knowledge.

For experienced shooters, this seminar will push your skills to the next level of tactical carbine skills


Small Unit Tactics

Open field and Urban- 5 days Seminar

This 5-day training of small unit tactics is open to experienced carbine shooters, we will not work much on the individual skills, but on the team work. Movement and fire drills from pairs work to a larger group simultaneously responding to fire. We will conduct live fire exercises in different engagements, from close range to medium range cover and movement.

Upcoming Events

  •  Tactical pistol stage one Enhanced Plus CQB
    07. Apr., 08:30 – 09. Apr., 18:00
    Prague, Prague, Czechia
    The basics of pistol fighting. Intensive intro course for the Israeli method. This intensive course is excellent for beginners as a great and concentrated push into a proficient user.
  • Tactical Pistol Stage Two Plus CQB
    09. Apr., 09:00 – 11. Apr., 18:00
    Prague, Prague, Czechia
    Active shooter response with Fast CQB skills. The core skills used by Israeli protection units for fast termination of active shooter attacks
  • Designated Marksman
    Mi., 12. Apr.
    Czech Republic
    12. Apr., 08:00 – 14. Apr., 08:00
    Czech Republic, Prague
    AR with fixed magnification. Accurate engagement of targets up to 300 meters. Fast and aggressive pace, bring your rifle skills to a new level

Designated Marksman


Accurately and rapidly engage multiple targets in range and hard targets which the usual rifleman could not do as effectively. Unlike the sniper, the DS is an active member of the unit , moving together with the unit and responding to the threats the unit is engaging.
Hence, he should be able to provide FAST response to immediate and changing threats


Low light Tactical training

Pistol skills

The low light shooting training is aim at encounters with threats or potential adversaries in locations or during times with minimal or no light. We will explore the safer ways of using a flash light to identify communicate, deescalate and control contacts which we make in dark locations. Professional manipulation of a flashlight is necessary to maximise its effectiveness and to reduce its vulnerabilities. The training is combining the use of a pistol with a hand held flashlight.


CQB Seminar

Level one

Mission based CQB: many review close quarter combat in one single way, thinking 'this is the way to do it' other ways are wrong. The truth about CQB is that you should always think about your mission profile.
On level one CQB we work on a single operator response for a mass shooting, could be in a school, a church a shopping mall or any other public building. The unique method practiced in Israel for years is also the basis for further CQB skills development

CQB team tactics 2.JPG

CQB Seminar

Level two

Working in close quarter combat within a building could be challenging, it would be optimal to work with an integral team, or within a unit thus achieving the best coordination and and trust among the group. We offer this training for both groups and individuals, we focus on limited entry with different mission profiles leading to different building activities

Attack Seminar.jpg

Undercover Ops

Basic operator

No weapons, no running, the only sweat will be from mental stress thinking of the amazing thing you are going to do next.
Following without detection, keeping observation without exposure, entering a premises without raising suspicion. The work of an agent is the heart of this training, and for it we bring a former operative to guide you in.

Notfall-Intervention Training

Nur für diejenigen, die eine Waffe tragen dürfen: Polizei, Zoll, Personenschutz und Sicherheitskräfte (mit einem Waffenschein).

Dieses Training zielt auf Notfall-Intervention währendeines Angriffs oder einer Auseinandersetzung mitbewaffneten Kriminellen und daraus resultierenderGewalteskalationen.

Es basiert auf der in Israel verwendete Praxis, dem„First Responder“ die Fähigkeiten zu verleihen, umden Konflikt schnell und effektiv unter Kontrolle zubringen. Ursprünglich entstand dieser Ansatz in derCounter-Terror Protection Agency der IsraelischenRegierung (unter Leitung des Shabak), um Konflikteohne Kollateralschaden schnell zu beenden.

Nicht verfügbar für Sportschützen und Jäger.

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