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Some of our tactical training

Completed training

a small glimpse at our completed tactical training. from tactical pistol to complex CQB and airborne drills.
Getting you the best we can

Law Enforcement Europe

Training professionals

Several training and seminars were conducted for EU local law enforcement officers. Either in closed group training or joining an open training


Law Enforcement Asia

Extensive upgrade

Intending to upscale their civilian environment fighting skills and to better fit them with  modern challenges we were chosen to build up several extensive training sessions  for several Asian units.

Overseas deployment preparation training

Management and employees awareness training

Training for non combatives prior to their overseas deployment or during their deployment.
Based on preventive and preemptive measures this training is aimed at avoiding an attack and escaping an ongoing attack. Not a militreized training, but potentially code cover a very wide subjects, from information gathering, information analysis, cultural aspects, psychology, behavioural patterns, suspicious signs, break down of attack patterns, and much more

CQB team tactics 2.JPG

Training for Civilian Professionals

Improve your skills

Getting better at what you do. During deployment and in time of crisis you are between minuets or days from receiving assistance, your fighting skills and your confidence could be the last thing which can win you the time you need, the only things to get you out successful and a live.
We do not train you to get a job, we train you to be the best you can.
we promise: Long hours, a lot of dry drills, a lot of live fire, force on force scenarios, working method to serve you the best.


Special Operations

Tailor made training

PMC Training

Military Units

Upgrade and Buildup

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